Wednesday, July 4, 2012

French National Clothing

Because France is divided into many different regions there is actually no national dress. Each French region has their own traditional dress and they are very different from each other; it seems, that the only thing they have in common is that men wear pants, women skirts and both wear hats of different styles. Nowadays, traditional regional costumes are just worn at festivals and celebrations. In Alsace, women may be seen in white, lace-trimmed blouses and aprons decorated with colorful flowers. Women's costumes in Normandy include white, flared bonnets and dresses with wide, elbow-length sleeves.
Regional costumes are based on late 19th century rural clothing. It is difficult to describe a traditional national dress because as we told you later there is no such thing, however the majority of them include the following garments:

Men: It is believed that their clothes were similar to those of the Indians.
Chemise: A knee length cotton or linen shirt, considered to be an undergarment

Culottes or Breech cloth: A pair of knee length pants, usually wool or linen, which button around the knees, or a cloth worn over the loins.
Hose:  A pair of cotton or wool socks, knee high
Mitasses: A pair of protective garters worn over the lower legs, made of leather or wool, which button to the breeches or tie to a belt.
Guillette: Small short vest usually without sleeves, worn over the Chemise.Capote or Justacorp: Heavy coat with large cuffs worn over all else, kind of like a suit coat.

Women:  Without exception they all wear caps, while their skirts are scarcely down the middle of their legs. Their shoes are often like those of the Finnish women, but are sometimes provided with heels.  They have a silver cross hanging down the breast
Jupon: A garment very similar to a skirt, only shorter. Many of these could be worn at once to show wealth and status.
Chemise: An underskirt or shift worn under all of the outer petticoats and the jupon.
Mantelet: A short women's waistcoat, worn with the jupon and chemise.
Fichu: A square or oblong piece of cloth used by women as a modesty scarf worn about the neck and shoulders

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  1. does the color of hat affects its style of french?