Monday, July 2, 2012

Did you know that...?

We are going to present you some facts that maybe you didn´t know about France.

In 2011 Durex Global Sex Survey found that France has the people who have sex most often in the year.

According to the WHO (2008) , french men have the lowest incidence of obesity.

French are the biggest consumers of psychotropic drugs.

There are between 5 and 6 million of more or less seriously handicaped people in France.This includes physical, sensorial and mental handicaps.

In 2011 a study revealed that french people are the biggest consumers of medicines in Europe.
French people are the second  biggest consumers of alcohol per capita in the Western world.

André Gide, french writer and Nobel Prize of  Literature , said "French people are Italian people in bad mood".

Until 1964 french women were not allowed to open a bank account or get a passport without their husband´s permission.

There are some 40,000 chateaux(castles, palaces...) in France.

France is the country that has won the most Nobel Prizes for literature .

There are over 300 kinds of cheese.

There are about two new cooking books published every day in France.

Framous french invention include the adding machine, hot air ballon , the airship,the parachute, the submarine,photography, animation and cinema.

French is the  the second most commonly taught foreign language, after English.

France created the first universal declaration of human rights in 1789.

The most popular sports in France are football (soccer), rugby league and rugby union.

Interesting right? We hope that you enjoyed it . Have a nice day :) :)

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