Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The adventures of Asterix, is perhaps the most famous comic book of France written by René Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo.  It first appeared in “Pilote” a French magazine on October 29 1959. This comic book tells the story of a little Armorica village which is actually a province of Gaul, now France.  Some of the Armorica´s villagers have the ability to gain temporary superhuman strength just by drinking a magic potion Getafix, the village´s druid created. Asterix, who is actually one of the main characters, because of his intelligence and responsibility was entrusted with certain affairs of the village; he travels with his friend Obelix. Obelix might not be as smart as Asterix, however he has permanent super human force (since he fell on the pot that contained the magic potion when he was just a baby) which was of great help, he likes to travel with Dogmatix, his dog.
Both, Asterix and Obelix, go on various adventures  in their village and also in different countries, fighting agaist all kind of criminals.   There are 34 numbers of this comic, the first official publication was in 1961, while the last one in 2009 and it was considered a special edition. The numbers 1-24, 32 and 34 are the work of both authors (Goscinny and Underzo), while numbers 25-31 and 33 are just Underzo´s work.  This comic book has been translated to more than 100 languages and it has also been adapted to films, videogames and there is even a theme park inspired on it.

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