Monday, June 18, 2012

French people

I don't think that people can really be recognized as a french, mexicna, american or british since their difference are not as obvious like skin color for example.

However, it is true that they have different way to dress, to smile or some things on the appearance that can help us recognize where we are from.

I had a french friend,her name is Morgan and I saw that she didn´t wear make up the same way. In Europe, and especially in France. You can´t see girls with a perfect make up like here.



Audrey Tautou

In clothes I think that in France they are more classical and rarely eccentric. This is a big deal in France,she told me that since the culture is different, they are used to be more judgmental so people try to dress the best way (they wouldn't wear sports pants at college or flip flop during fall).

The smile is really a big difference. I am pretty sure that, as you pronounce words in a different way because of your accent.As a result.I think that american smiles are big and bright. European don't show their teeth that much and don't articulate that much when they speak. For me, this definetly makes a big difference: smile and way the mouth goes when you speak.

Also exists different myths about french people , like these ones:

-French people smell bad? Well, my friend told me that this is stupid .Hygiene is practiced in France,just as it is in Mexico. This one is a total lie.The average French person bathes or showers at least once a day just as people do in Mexico.But one friend told me that when she went to France she ate different cheeses and the next day she smells really bad, probably this is why some people smell really bad.

-French women don´t shave their armpits.This is one of the most popular French myths, this myth was probably spread by some guy seeing the one French woman who hadn’t shaved in a week. There probably are some women in France who don’t shave their armpits, but there are probably an equal percentage of women in Mexico who don’t shave their armpits.

-Some persons said that french people are rude, but I don´t think so.When I met Morgan she was so cute, fun and a polite girl.She is always in a good mood. Maybe the boys are more rude like every boy in Mexico, US or UK.

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